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Dr. Robert Saltzman, Ph. D. Counseling and Psychotherapy

Todos Santos - Cabo San Lucas - La Paz - Baja California Sur, Mexico

Counseling and Psychotherapy Services for Individuals, Couples and Families. Serving Todos Santos, Cabo San Lucas and La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Dr. Robert Saltzman, Ph.D. offers counseling and psychotherapy services to anyone who may benefit from counseling or psychotherapy.

He also hosts a question and answer forum, called ask dr-robert, for discussion of issues of physical, mental, and psychological wellness with replies by a psychotherapist experienced in personal, couples, and family counseling and depth psychotherapy.

I have provided counseling and psychotherapy services in Todos Santos, Baja California since 1996.

I am told that my reputation for honesty, sensitivity, and successful outcomes, both in the Mexican community as well as among expatriates, is excellent.

My counseling and psychotherapy practice, encompasses the many aspects of human life--physical, emotional, mental, and soulful, or spiritual--with a view towards restoring balance and freedom of movement in this experience called "life"? If we have not yet met, do not hesitate to come and speak with me. I am a good listener.

My counseling and psychotherapy clients know that they can expect, and will always receive, absolute, total, and complete confidentiality.
Dr. Robert Saltzman, Ph.D - Counseling

Dr. Robert Saltzman, Ph. D
Counseling and Psychotherapy Services

Serving Los Cabos, Todos Santos, and La Paz - Baja California Sur, Mexico.

By appointment only: (612) 132-9060

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Dr. Robert Saltzman, Ph.D - Counseling and Psychotherapy, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico