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Can you tell us some of the BEST applications for using chiropractic adjustment?

Most people use chiropractic when they are in some sort of pain, but by the time pain is felt, the process has been going on for awhile; pain is the tip of the iceberg and it is the last symptom to appear. It would be better to get adjusted at the first sign of nerve impingement: headaches, stiffness, neck pain, back pain, shooting pains or numbness in the arms or legs, cramps, organ irregularities, irritability, lack of energy, lack of inspiration, poor sleep, after trauma or an injury - both physical and emotional, and simply just any time you know you could be feeling better. Many people wait until they are at the end of their rope and after all other therapies have failed, or when their prescription medications are not working any more. Chiropractic patients know that if they remove the obstacles in their nervous systems first, then they avoid needless suffering and most of the time they don‚t need other therapies or drugs. The best use of chiropractic is preventive, that is, before a problem develops, at the onset of an illness or stress period, or when any symptom first appears.

How does chiropractic work?

Chiropractic works to normalize and balance the nervous system by releasing the abnormal nerve pressure that is causing the problem. The body can usually heal itself but the nerves have to be functioning properly. An irritated or inflamed nerve, or a twist in the spinal cord, can interfere with the normal signals to and from the brain. An adjustment opens up all the communication lines in the body, and it restores, balances, and increases healthy nerve flow which controls all functions (like circulation, breathing, digestion, elimination, immunity, endocrine, etc) and all organic and cellular biochemical activity in all systems of the body.

How would you describe your particular style of adjustment?

My style is to adjust the whole spine, I call it a "tune-up", and by doing a complete spinal adjustment the maximum benefits are obtained. The nervous system works as a unit, and pressure in any one part will eventually affect the whole system. When the spine is mis-aligned the body naturally compensates for the lack of function in some manner, such as shifting weight to the opposite hip for example. We need to de-compensate the whole body for all the energy to flow properly. I use only my hands to find where the vertebral misalignments are, and correct these subluxations with an adjustment to those bones (Chiropractic is made up of two Greek words: CHIROS means "hands", and PRAKTIC means "to do"). Many are amazed, and grateful, at how I can find more sore spots than they disclose. I have been practicing this art for almost 30 years and have helped over 10,000 people with my touch. One unique aspect of my practice is the sliding scale for my fee, that is, each person pays according to their resources and generosity.
I also leave it up to the individual as to when they should return for another treatment; every one has unique stresses and unique requirements for health, and I believe that knowing when to get another adjustment, and asking for help then, is part of their healing.

Under what circumstances would you refer a client to an MD or other practitioner?

Not all health problems are chiropractic problems, but everyone benefits to some degree from an adjustment. At times it is necessary, and ethical, to refer to other health professionals. We all need a toolbox with many different tools to regain and maintain our health. To me it is obvious when it is rime to refer, especially if patients are not responding to my chiropractic care.

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