todos santos baja california sur mexico
Ricardo Amigo Real Estate
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

ricardo amigo real estate - todos santos, baja california sur, mexico
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Richard Friend and his professional staff at Ricardo Amigo Real Estate offer what is perhaps the most complete real estate service to be found here or anywhere. Not only are they very competent but Ricardo takes pride in treating all his clients on a personal and friendly level. They are happy to give you insight and knowledge regarding the area and all aspects of real estate in Mexico to help you make an informative decision regarding the buying, selling or management of property.

In this truly full service real estate office the knowledgeable staff can take you through each and every step of buying or selling property in Todos Santos, Pescadero, Los Cerritos and the surrounding areas.

They have experts in real estate sales, market evaluation, creating Mexican corporations, finance, fideicomisos, subdividing, getting title, title insurance, escrow and all other resources necessary to help you with your property. They will make your search for or sales of a property as simple and painless as possible.
ricardo amigo real estate - todos santos, baja california sur, mexico

ricardo amigo real estate - todos santos, baja california sur, mexico
There are many reasons that make investing in the Todos Santos area attractive. The most obvious are the beautiful old world town with its historical architecture and cultural community and the ideal weather that the area enjoys. Also over the past 10 years the real estate market in Todos Santos area has appreciated at an average of 30% per year.

In addition the Mexican government has declared the Todos Santos community a “Pueblo Magico” or “Magic Town” which brings with the rare an infusion of public capital for expanding the infrastructure and promotion.

Ricardo Amigo Real Estate, or RAREMEX, has begun its own lending program to provide loans for mortgage, refinance, and construction for your vacation home with the same ease as the loan process in the US.

Ricardo Amigo Real Estate has opened another arm of their company for property management and rental. The addition has truly made this a full service resource for all your real estate needs and desires.

RAREMEX is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. By appointment on Sunday.

Mortgage Program is pleased to launch our lending program to deliver mortgage, refinance and construction loans for your vacation home with the ease of loan processing in the US. Where in the past it was necessary to pay cash
for your dream home in the Todos Santos region, it is now possible for you to reserve equity in your home or other investments while developing your property interests here.

New access to capital for real estate enjoyment and investment will sustain the increase of property values experienced in the Todos Santos region over the past decade -- potentially at even higher rates than we have experienced to date. While prices in Mexico are still very affordable, values are expected to continue rising at a productive, although not excessive, rate. The introduction of this financing program will help sustain this growth well into the future.

With traditional mortgage, refinance and construction loans from, you can use earned equity from increased property values for collateral for other investments, leaving your other assets untouched as you
expand your investment opportunities.

Ricardo Amigo Real Estate
Calle Obregon and Calle Centenario
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico 23300

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