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Charles Stewart Gallery and Studio
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Charles is a world renowned artist who has been cataloged by The Smithsonian in Houston, Texas at the Fine Arts Museum. His works are available to faculty and students. He also does remarkable carvings that are sought after by collectors.

Charles Stewart is not only a fine artist but also a real pioneer. He was the first and founding artist of the growing colony of very talented professional artists that now reside in Todos Santos. Charles and his wife, Marylou, bought the home that they live in to this day in 1983. That ramshackle sprawling house is in the historical district of the town and is also Charles Stewart's gallery. Though in his 80's he is still creating intriguing new works of art.

He has a broad and extensive education in the arts. He studied originally in the Toledo Art Museum and painting and sculpture at the Art Students League in New York. He studied painting with Camaron Booth, Jan Liebert, Nahun Tschacbasov, Vaclav Vytla, Byron Brown and Nathaniel Dirk, graphic arts with Will Benet, and sculpture with John Havannes. In Taos, New Mexico he studied under Louis Ribak.

Charles is a quite well known artist. He has been cataloged by The Smithsonian in Houston, Texas and has been included in two books on art and artists. His works have been collected by many art aficionados. The list of private collectors includes Anthony Quinn, R.C. Gorman, Vincent Price, the Wurlitzer Foundation and Sammy Hagar.. His works have been exhibited in too many museums and galleries to mention.

Mr. Stewart sums up his work and philosophy of art in this quote: "Painting is life: it is for the artist to make paint and canvas live. It dies not matter whether it be recognizable in concept but in execution, the work must come alive.
charles stewart gallery and studio - todos santos, baja california sur mexico

On this plane every one can understand; can feel. To me, theories, paint, brushes, canvas textures are merely a mean, not an end."
The gallery is open every day from 11am to 4pm. If Marylou steps out she will leave a note regarding her return.
The telephone number is 612-145-0265 and the email address is
The Charles Stewart Gallery & Studio is located on the corner of Calle Centenario and Calle Obregon.

Charles Stewart Gallery and Studio
Centenario and Obregón,
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, CP 23305 Mexico.
Phone: (612) 145-0265


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