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Baja Life Camp

Pescadero, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Baja Life Camp was created in the sunshine of Southern Baja - in between surf sessions - inspired by the abundance of fresh organic food in the area and a beautiful beachfront retreat. We try to inspire people to do MORE of what they already know about healthy living - eat smart and move. What began as a get-fit vacation has grown into a larger effort to help clients create healthy diet and exercise habits.

According to the new food pyramid, 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables should make up the foundation and bulk of our diet. Congruently, every health study done in the last 100 years has concluded that more fruits and vegetables are a must to ensure the body is nourished properly and defended against toxins and the affects of aging. When somebody wants to “eat healthier”, they almost always mean eat more fruits and vegetables. No body needs help eating more packaged convenient foods, bottled drinks, or BBQ.

We know that the average people out there don’t get 4-5 servings of fresh produce daily and we stand in the gap to show people practical ways to eat more green and to give them the rejuvenating experience of a primarily raw plant based diet.

The owners of Baja Life Camp believe in God as the source of all life– and the ultimate authority on human nutrition. As the designer of our physical bodies, God initiated fruit and vegetable fuel for the planet and all living creatures in the beginning. It’s no wonder a change to primarily raw whole plant foods, plenty of water and fiber, along with exercise fosters immediate healing and rejuvenation in our cellular bodies. Whether you’re training for sport or fighting illness, God’s miraculous body revs up with nature’s foods.

Baja Life Camp’s services are centered on helping people take simple actions towards eating more fruits and vegetables and living in a stronger body. Through our wellness camps, delivery of food, vacation retreat, and quality products, clients gain the motivation, experience and tools required to make real life changes. We prepare, deliver, organize, lead and customize to accommodate your needs. You actively participate and experience the shift towards smart eating and getting fit.

Baja Life Camp
Barrio Las Palmitas, Km 64, Hwy 19,
Pescadero, Baja California Sur, Mexico
US Phone: (858) 764-4106 (allow time for voice connection)
Mexico Phone: 011 52 (624) 155-7057

Baja Life Camp - USA
158 Diana Street, Encinitas , CA 92024
Phone: (858) 342-7676
Fax: (760) 634-2432

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